In Corpore Sano N°03

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The Extreme Outdoor Magazine

In Corpore Sano is an annual luxury magazine dedicated to contemporary wellness culture.
It is published by REC trends marketing and was born in 2019, combining Pascal Monfort’s vision, Sebastien Peretto’s curation, Thomas Mondémé’s writing and Golgotha’s imagination.
The publication explores the realm behind the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, with its own taste for radicality.

In this third issue:

- It’s On
- Racing Downhill: Being Fast and Resilient according to Olivier Bernhard
- At the Crossroads: David Allemann on Function, Emotion and Curation
- The Garden
- Opinel: The French Way
- Extreme and Extended: The Gore-Tex Technology
- “Sufficiently Crazy”: A Conversation between Pascal Monfort and Carlo Rivetti
- Net Positive: Healing Nature through Fashion
- The North Face: Exploration as a Mantra
- Dear Wind
- Finding Solutions with Arc’teryx
- The Hoka Power: Canceling Gravity
- A Tribute to Savoir revivre
- La Sportiva, una storia di famiglia
- A Land Art Book Curation
- Spirit of Spencer Phipps
- Breathe In / Breathe Out soundtrack

Each copy includes a two-45 rpm vinyl record set.

200 pages, hardcover, 24 x 32 cm,
English texts,
October 2021.